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Exhibition: Science Meets Art and Art Meets People: A Collaborative Project between Artist and Scientist

26 May 2015

This exhibition is about a collaboration between Derya Zenginoğlu, multidisciplinary artist, and Pamela Habibović, professor of Inorganic Biomaterials at Maastricht University. The two were brought together by the Qua Art Qua Science Foundation of the University of Twente (www.qaqs.nl). Each year this foundation organizes several projects aimed at exploring the intersections between art and science.


The selection of Zenginoğlu and Habibović for this project was based on their work. Zenginoğlu is fascinated by biology, and this fascination is the driving force behind her work, and Habibović's research group develops biomaterials for regenerative medicine, materials that can regenerate diseased or damaged tissue and organs.


In this project, the artist and the scientist have been sincerely open to each other’s knowledge, skills, and views. As such this project centers on process, collaboration. The creative result, in this case an artwork, might as well have been the sharing of a new, surprising, or alternative perspective on artistic or scientific work or, for that matter, a new research question.

Move to Maastricht University

After Habibović’s research group moved from the University of Twente to Maastricht University (UM), it seemed more practical to continue this collaborative project in Maastricht. The Art and Heritage Commission of the UM warmly welcomed it and also provided further financial support, because the project convincingly underscores the special nature of the relationship between art and science.